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Runners' fuel | Maurten - The Mix Box

Designed to maximise your training for performance in races to come. Choosing the right fuel for your Long Distance or Tempo Run just got easier.

Maurten always puts athletes first: natural ingredients, clean, no added flavour, twice the energy. Together with coaches, athletes and nutritionists Maurten has created the Mix Box containing a combination of products to help you keep on training.

"Designed to maximise your training for performance in races to come." - Maurten

The Fuel Guide

Athletes rely on a proper fuel strategy even when training. Using a prescribes carbohydrate fueling strategy as part of your training program will help optimize your training effort and reduce early performance reductions or fatigue. Not sure which Drink Mix or Gel to select for your training?

The Fuel Guide has been developed as a resource for athletes of all levels to help you fuel more accurately.

Check your fuel recommendations below:


The Mix Box

The Maurten Mix Box contains a combination of Maurten products to help you keep on training and prepare for the races:Maurten-The-Mix-Box
  • 6x Gel 100
  • 6x Gel 100 Caf 100
  • 6x Drink Mix 160
  • 3x Drink Mix 320
  • 1x 500ml Maurten bottle

Runners' fuel

What makes Maurten hydrogel so special?

Exceptional performance demands exceptional fuel. Our body's max. carbohydrate intake is limited to 60g per hour. What if we could increase the intake to 90g?

With the use of hydrogel technology, Maurten has been able to increase the amount of carbohydrates, reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems and remove all unnecessary ingredients that don't aid your performance. The Drink Mix or Gel converts to hydrogel in the acidity of the stomach, encapsulating the carbohydrates. The hydrogel then enables a smooth transportation of the sports drink through the stomach to the intestine where the water, salt and carbohydrates are absorbed.

Only the best for the best.

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